• The Internal Purchasing Division is responsible for converting approved requisitions into purchase orders, creating RFP, RFQ, and RFI documents for the formal procurement process, training requisition generators, processing HCDE contracts, overseeing the P Card program and advising HCDE staff on compliance with purchasing laws.

    The management of the Purchasing division is dedicated to making ethical and lawful choices by providing a structured code of ethics for its personnel to follow. Purchasing division employees shall model and promote ethical behavior to all HCDE employees through their behavior. View the Code of Ethics for Business Support Services and Purchasing Division Employees

    HCDE continues to improve transparency. We have created public information on our webpage which includes the following:

    1. The total value of contracts per business sector
    2. The total authorizations versus actual expenditures for the last five years per capita
    3. The listing of all purchase orders to include vendor, category, PO Amount, Check Amount and Account Code (for the last seven fiscal years).
    4. A link to Current bids and proposals
    5. A link to awarded bids and proposals
    6. A link to closed bids and proposals
    7. Check Registers (Accounts Payable) Link
    8. The Vendor Packet
    9. A link to applicable procurement statutes
    10. A link to the annual budget
    11. A link to the Financial Operations Guidelines
  • HCDE uses the HCDE eBid System; a web-based, e-Procurement system that includes an electronic process for vendor registrations, automatic vendor notification of bid opportunities, and electronic vendor bidding.

    Existing and potential suppliers wishing to do business with HCDE can register online in the HCDE eBid System. Please note that all vendors/suppliers must register online in this system whether or not they are currently awarded vendors or have formerly registered with HCDE.

  • Unless otherwise indicated below, sealed solicitation documents will be received at the following address in accordance with the instructions and specifications contained in each solicitation request listed below.

    Harris County Department of Education
    6300 Irvington Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77022

    Formal solicitations are advertised in the Houston Chronicle in the Legal Notice section of the Classifieds. If you would like a copy of any of the solicitations listed, click on the links below, stop by the Purchasing Office at the address indicated above, or call (713) 694-6300.

Financial Operations Guidelines

  • Financial Operations Guidelines are up-to-date information on guidelines, forms and procedures for processing financial information from HCDE divisions and Business Services employees. The guidelines are reviewed and updated annually and are available in-house electronically. It is unaudited, but an invaluable source of internal control and accountability information for use by the external independent auditor. It includes updates of all functions in the business office including purchasing, accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, investments and debt.

    Current Financial Operations Guidelines

    Internal Purchasing (for additional information, view the Current Bid Opportunities page)
    22/028EJ- Classroom Equipment, Large Monitors with Computers (DUE 03/29/2022)
    21/074IA - Contracted Services for Professional Development, Speakers and Trainers for TLC (DUE 04/05/2022)
    22/035EJ - Coaching, Professional Development, Speaking Engagements, and Training (DUE 04/12/2022)
    22/013DR-03 - Local Food and Catering Services (DUE 05/17/2022)

    Contract Awards

    CSP #21/0073YR - New Highpoint MS

    CSP #21/072EJ - New Adult Education Center

    CSP #22/058YR Humble EHS

    Choice Partners
    Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statements (Form CIS)
    CIS forms are kept on file according to standard document retention policies.

    Conflict of Interest Questionnaires (Form CIQ)
    CIQ forms are kept on file according to standard document retention policies.

    New Vendors
    New vendors should register through the HCDE eBid System in order to receive electronic notification of bid opportunities. Contracts are only awarded through the competitive bidding process or RFP.

    New Vendor Packet
    Any vendor wishing to do business with HCDE should complete the New Vendor Packet and submit to HCDE as per the instructions on the cover page.

    Certificate of Interested Parties (HB 1295)
    All vendors responding to any HCDE proposal must file a Certificate of Interested Parties form (HB 1295) through the Texas Ethics Commission.

    Utility Bills for HB 3693 Compliance

    FY 2013, FY 2014, FY 2015, FY 2016, FY 2017, FY 2018, FY 2019, FY 2020, FY 2021, FY 2022, FY2023


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