• James Colbert, Jr. takes a very personal approach to education, advocating for students while focusing on leadership philosophies and support for public schools.

    Mr. Colbert has more than 30 years of diverse educational experience in urban, suburban and rural school districts spanning multiple states. His assignments have ranged from special education teacher to coach, assistant superintendent and county superintendent.

    Mr. Colbert joined Harris County Department of Education in 2014 as Superintendent, where he is responsible for a wide variety of programs that support students and educators in the greater Houston region.

    Mr. Colbert is known around the state and nation for his dynamic, interactive presentations about a variety of topics including educational leadership, school innovation and board relations.

    A coach at heart, Mr. Colbert enjoys the idea of paying forward the support he received throughout his life and career. He frequently mentors educators around the state on leadership perspective, focusing on discussions about development, planning and implementation of strategic initiatives and actions. He is sought after for his knowledge of leadership philosophies, strategic planning, problem solving and a holistic approach to career success and advancement.

    During Mr. Colbert’s tenure, HCDE has become known for outstanding financial practices, innovative programs and strategic communications efforts. Mr. Colbert is a systemic thinker with a penchant for tackling audacious goals. He looks at each issue facing public education with a problem-solving mindset, focused on creative and strategic thinking.

    Mr. Colbert represents HCDE on a variety of community boards and committees including the Texas University Interscholastic League State Executive Committee and Texas Academic Decathalon. In 2022, he was named the Texas School Public Relations Association Key Communicator, becoming the eighth sitting Superintendent to achieve this honor since the award’s inception in 1989.

    Mr. Colbert holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Texas Austin and a Master of Education in Administration from Texas State University.

  • James Colbert, Jr.
    County Superintendent

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