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    #MeaningfulMay Quote of the Month:

    "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."


    - William James

  • May Calendar #Meaningful May

    Action for Happiness Calendar #MeaningfulMay. Connect with others and spread kindness.


    Week #1: Action Calendar



    Week #2: Journal Prompts/Discussions for all Ages


    This activity is a great way to practice and normalize kids sharing ideas with their peers.

    Everyday for one week, choose one of the following prompts to share with kids. The prompts can be used as a writing activity, or as open discussion.

    1. Choose a spring flower that symbolizes your personality and explain why you chose it.
    2. What is a dessert that reminds you of spring, what memories are attached to it?
    3. If spring didn’t exist anymore, and you had to repeat a different season, which one would you choose and why?
    4. If you graduated college today, which career would you pursue?
    5. If you could move to a new town and have a fresh start, would you? Why or why not?
    6. Would you rather spend 2 hours in a car, plane, or boat, and why?
    7. Imagine you can only use two ingredients to bake a cake. Which ingredients would you choose?
    8. National Chocolate Chip Day is May 15th! Name something that doesn’t usually have chocolate chips in it, but should?


    Week #3: Positive Thinking Affirmations

    Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can improve your health, help you manage stress, overcome challenges, and make better choices. The idea is that by changing your thinking, you can control your emotions and your actions. Positive thinking skills often start with positive self-talk, which means using the voice in your head to say positive thoughts about yourself or a situation. (Examples: “There is no one better to be than myself.” “I am enough.” “Today, I choose to be confident.”) Have students list 10 positive thoughts and affirmations they can say about themselves.


    Week #4: A Letter to Yourself


    In this activity, each student will write a letter to his or her futures self, detailing what every they wish. This can be details of their life now, a poem, or their future goals.


    Week #5: Breath Counting- Mindfulness Practice for Tweens and Teens


    Students learn to focus on their breathing patterns by counting each breath to manage stress, anxiety, or to start the day with focus. 

#MeaningfulMay Action for Happiness Calendar

  • Meaningful May Action Calendar

SEL Video of the Month: #MeaningfulMay

  • What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and how can I be part of this?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • What is Social-Emotional Learning and why does it matter?

    Per CASEL, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) reflects the critical role of positive relationships and emotional connections in the learning process and helps students develop a range of skills they need for school and life.SEL Framework by CASEL

SEL Resources

  • I Am Poem Template

  • As the pandemic continues, kids are turning to meditation to manage anxiety

  • SEL skills include the ability to:

    •  set and achieve positive goals
    •  feel and show empathy for others
    •  establish and maintain positive relationships
    •  make responsible decisions
    •  understand and manage emotions


    All of these skills are necessary—both for educators and students—to function well in the classroom, in the community, and in college and careers.

    Visit the CASEL Interactive SEL Framework to learn more about the CASEL Wheel  (above)

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