• Partnership Project

    Project Summary

    The goal of the Partnership Project is to provide supplemental funding to comprehensive after-school programs to promote social and emotional learning skills (SEL), increased support of numeracy and literacy development for economically disadvantaged students between the ages of 4 and 12 or up to 19 with a documented disability. In addition, supplemental funding assists in program quality improvement and program expansion.

    The CASE Partnership Project is the result of collaboration between Harris County Department of Education (HCDE), the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC), the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and awarded sites. HCDE commits local funds to supplement comprehensive afterschool programming. HCDE and site match dollars activate a commitment of federal childcare funds for quality improvement for school-age youth through TWC. This allows HCDE to provide a variety of resources to selected sites such as: site visits, training and access to curriculum and materials through a free lending library also known as the SMART Zone.

    • Select Service Providers Program - The Partnership Project works closely with the Select Service Providers Program. These providers are content specialists that deliver a broad range of services that engage youth in age appropriate, project-based learning during out-of-school time. The program matches qualified providers from the Provider Network with CASE for Kids supported sites to engage youth in hands-on, project-based activities in diverse content areas with a focus on literacy and numeracy integration, and Social Emotional Learning integration.
    • Kids’ Days - This project model is a fun and educational project that connects afterschool students with real world issues. Students participating in a Kids’ Day Project meet in their afterschool programs for approximately 8 weeks to work through prepared project-based learning curricula related to match, science, technology and/or the arts. Students from participating Kids’ Day sites then come together for a culminating event that gives them the opportunity to interact with each other and celebrate what they learned in their Kids’ Day Project classes. This year, Kids’ Day for Partnership included MUSIQA, Entrepreneurship, Math-A-Matics Tutoring and Little Birdies Mobile Golf.


    Provider Network


    CASE for Kids Provider Network is a list of approved providers that deliver a broad range of services that engage youth in age appropriate, project-based learning during out-of-school time throughout the greater Houston area. As a part of the Provider Network, CASE for Kids will offer providers opportunities to promote, expand and enhance their services to build their organizational capacity. 

    Services offered range from numerous topics including homework help, robotics, hip-hop dance, golf, character education and more.  Providers offer quality academic and enrichment activities that benefit school-age youth participating in afterschool programs at community centers, schools and child care centers. 




    Texas 21st Century Community Learning Centers


    CASE for Kids Texas ACE programs, funded by the United States Department of Education (USDE) 21st Century Community Learning Centers, provide extended learning opportunities for children and their families, offering innovative, hands-on activities that reinforce and complement academic programs during the school day. These before, afterschool and summer activities are designed utilizing evidence based best practices in the areas of academic enrichment, challenging curriculum, and tutorial services. Aligned with the goals of the Texas ACE project, CASE for Kids Texas ACE programs strive to increase promotion and graduation rates, provide opportunities for academic and social enrichment, engage families, and prepare students for college and the workplace.

    Serving all of Harris County, CASE for Kids is uniquely positioned to collaborate across school districts and charters in order to ascertain the areas of greatest need for afterschool opportunities. Cycle 9 serves 10 campuses within 10 school districts and Cycle 10 serves six schools within 2 school districts and 4 charter school networks.


    CASE for Kids City Connections


    CASE for Kids City Connections, funded directly by the City of Houston, supports organizations that provide out-of-school time programming in each of the eleven city council districts. Proposed projects should be designed to meet individual Houston City Council district needs and provide prevention-based programming that addresses gaps in services to youth, as determined by each individual Council Member.  Applicant organizations must identify a site, or sites, within the council district where they choose to deliver services.  Collaborative projects among multiple organizations are considered, with one organization being the lead applicant of the proposed project.



    Afterschool Strategic Investment

    CASE for Kids works with collaborators to invest in out-school-time and support overall program quality improvement through a partnership with Houston Galveston Area Council.  Through a match certification program, public entities, foundations or organizations with access to public funds, partner with CASE for Kids to certify funds dedicated to out-of-school time programming.  In return, collaborators can access CASE for Kids’ project support and resources.

    Afterschool Strategic Investment (ASI) Project

    Afterschool Strategic Investment (ASI) Project allows collaborators that certify public funds used for OST programming to access CASE for Kids’ resources and services. These resources and services promote social and emotional learning skills and increase access to numeracy and literacy activities for economically disadvantaged students between the ages of 4 and 12 or up to the age of 19 with a documented disability.

    All services are tailored to meet the needs of the partnering organization, based on the total amount of match dollars committed and identified need. The collaboration is formalized through a non-monetary interlocal agreement. Partners through the Afterschool Strategic Investment receive the following:

    ·        Professional development

    ·        Materials and supplies for programming

    ·        Enrichment vendor placement

    ·        Student field experiences



    CASE Debates

    The Harris County Department of Education (HCDE), Center for Afterschool Summer and Enrichment for Kids or CASE for Kids, launched the CASE Debates project in 2017, to provide at-risk high school students across Harris County an opportunity to participate in debate activities that they would not otherwise be able to access. CASE Debates strives to equip participating youth with the four C’s of 21st century skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.


    All-Earth Ecobot Challenge


    The All-Earth Ecobot Challenge is an innovative engineering competition that engages 4th to 8th grade students in complex problem solving, while developing critical thinking skills and elevating confidence in forming solutions for real-world missions. Students participate in 4-person teams, led by teachers, coaches and volunteers who receive ample training in autonomous robotic software programming from engineers, to assure their effectiveness. Coaches guide students in their respective afterschool programs to develop skills using complex technology, physics and mathematics. Throughout the project, students gain knowledge and skills relevant to the workforce, such as teamwork, negotiations, time management, presentation skills and working successfully with others under pressure. Interaction with professionals helps students connect school to career and envision a future that employs their unique talents.



    Quality Improvement Resources

    Community Support

    CASE for Kids utilizes the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI) from the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality to assess and improve quality in out-of-school time programs. As a partner in the Out 2 Learn Network, we provide workshops for self-assessment and data review, external assessments for validation, coaching and training based on identified program need to positively impact quality.



    Youth Pathways Digital Badging Initiative

    During the summer of 2019, CASE conducted a feasibility report to discover if a digital badging initiative would benefit stakeholders in the Greater Houston area.  It was determined that the Youth Pathways Digital Badging Initiative would greatly benefit students, families, secondary and higher education institutions, businesses, and the community at large.  A digital badging system will capture student learning in and beyond Harris County; regardless of where that learning occurs: at school, through a community organization, by way of participation with an Out-of-School Time provider, through a library or museum, and even online.