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    Posted by CASE for Kids on 4/22/2022

    We realize the vital role you play in supporting students and our community and want to recognize how important self-care is to your wellbeing.  Afterschool Professionals need to take care of themselves as they do the important work of educating and supporting our OST students.   We know that you work hard and are making a difference in the lives of children and families in Harris County.  In fact, the report, Texas after 3PM, distributed by Afterschool Alliance America notes that 97% of Texas parents are satisfied with their child’s afterschool program.  They report high levels of satisfaction with supports in their child’s afterschool program, including a knowledgeable and caring staff (94%).

    Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated! So, take a look at the resources for this week to help you pamper yourself!




    Resource shared:  Self Care Strategies     

    As an OST educator, you work hard to ensure that your student’s needs are met; often working long hours and dealing with multiple challenges.  Teaching, although fulfilling has been identified as one of the most stressful occupations in the US (Gallup, 2014).    The additions of Covid-19 stress makes it essential that you take time for self -care to protect your heath and prevent burnout.  

    • Self-Assessment and Planning tool from AIR is a research-based tool that will help you to see the good things you are already doing for yourself and help you determine where you can improve self-care practice.





    Resource shared:  Mindfulness


    Mindfulness is the practice of observing and accepting the present moment. Mindfulness offers a wide range of potential benefits, from improving physical and mental health to promoting prosocial behavior.   Practicing mindfulness can cultivate self-awareness, help you cope anxiety, feel less stress and be kinder to yourself.





    Resource shared: Stress Relief

    Would you be surprised to learn that in a 2017 survey from the American Federation of Teachers,  showed that 60% of teachers felt their work was always or often stressful compared to 30% of the general population?  Stress not only negatively impacts you, but it can also be passed along to your students! 




    Build your Support System

    Currently in the U.S., an estimated 850,000 individuals are practicing members of the afterschool profession.  Connecting with that larger community at national, state-wide and local level  can help you grow professionally and combat burnout. 

    • Join the National Afterschool Association and take advantage of their tools and resources. NAA’s mission is to promote development, provide education and encourage advocacy for the out-of-school-time community to further the afterschool profession.   Free memberships are available, and you can subscribe to a weekly eNewsletter to get news and opportunities related to afterschool.
    • Sign up for the TXPOST (Texas Partnership for Out of School Time) newsletter and keep current on developments in afterschool throughout Texas.
    • Connect regularly with CASE for Kids! Join us for free or low cost professional development, network at a learning community or use the SMART Zone to bring curriculum and materials to your program for free!    Visit our website for more information.



    Afterschool professionals are so important- they deserve to be celebrated for more than a week!  We appreciate you and the work you do supporting families and students in our community!

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