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  • Specific department addresses and phone and fax numbers can be found online on each department's website.

    Please note: At this time, the e-mail addresses of individual employees are used primarily for in-house communications. If a department or school has a website, it is up to that department or school to designate an individual as its e-mail contact person. If there is no email contact provided, the next-best method of contact is by telephone.

    HCDE is an equal-opportunity employer. Visit HCDE Careers to view job postings and to apply online. Visit the Human Resources website for additional employment information.

    Submit an employment verification request to verify current and former HCDE employees.

    HCDE Human Resources
    6300 Irvington Blvd.
    Houston, Texas 77022
    Phone: 713-696-1323

    Taxpayers remit their HCDE taxes to the Harris County Tax Office (HCTO). Questions regarding HCDE taxes should be directed to HCTO at 713-368-2000 (U.S. mail: 1001 Preston, Houston, TX 77002). Information, including the locations of the 15 tax office branches, can be found on the HCTO website. Click here for basic information about HCDE taxes.

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