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    The Center for Safe and Secure Schools was created in 1999 in response to a request by superintendents of schools in Harris County. The Center was tasked with the mission of supporting school district's efforts to have safe and secure learning environments where teachers could teach and students had the opportunity to learn.

     Harris County Department of Education’s Center for Safe and Secure Schools (CSSS) was established in 1999 at the request of school superintendents to advance safe and secure environments for learning and teaching. CSSS partners with federal, state and local entities to take the lead in the development of increased safety and security strategies, standards and best practices for K-12 school environments for both students and educators. CSSS continually seeks new and innovative opportunities to build safer and more secure learning environments.

    The need we address:

    • Criteria for Standards and Promising Practices
    • Emergency Management Planning and Operations
    • Communications, Coordination and Business Continuity
    • Training and Certification Programs
    • Assessments, Reviews and Audits
    • Safe and Secure Learning and Teaching Environment
    • Climate and culture are the undertow of schools and directly influence student belonging, teacher morale, parental involvement, and school safety

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