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Who We Are

  • Harris County Department of Education's Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and Educator Certification and Advancement (ECA) have merged to become the Center for Educator Success (CES) in an effort to partner with school districts and provide customized services to better meet the needs of all educators.

What We Do

  • CES was developed and designed to transform educator talent pipelines by partnering directly with districts to reimagine a comprehensive approach to educator recruitment, growth, advancement and leadership with the primary goal to inspire a new generation of educators to teach and lead in ways that generate real results and new opportunities for all children.

    All programming provided by CES is 100% focused on developing quality educators.

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    Center for Educator Success
    A division of the Harris County Department of Education
    6300 Irvington Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77022
    Phone: 713-694-6300