Information Technology (IT) Services

  • IT Services provides a broad range of technical services to HCDE in support of the educational services that HCDE provides to school districts, students, parents and the community. Our team consists of network analysts, systems engineers, storage specialists, application developers, systems analysts, and Service Desk technicians who provide technology planning, implementation and support.

    Our focus is to offer timely solutions for all of your information technology needs. To this end we offer unparallelled tech support and assistance to HCDE, as well as school districts, parents and the community. Our engineers, application developers, analysts, service desk technicians and A/V and video production analysts provide all aspects of IT services.

    Check out our 2020 IT Services Board Presentation, posted December 16, 2020.

    Resources available: Electronic Communications/Acceptable Use Guidelines

    Image of the HCDE IT team.