Instructional Coaching Institute

Instructional Coaching Institute

  • Research shows one of the greatest indicators for student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher, and one proven solution to improve teacher practice is instructional coaching. Unfortunately, training and support for instructional coaches is often uneven and inadequate.

    In collaboration with district partners, the Instructional Coaching Institute is committed to developing and supporting instructional leaders who respond to data and make pivots quickly to close gaps, effectively diagnose and coach teachers on the most pressing problem, and create and implement data-driven action plans. Our program offers a strategically aligned scope of learning with a responsive cyclical approach inclusive of robust professional development sessions, coaching & practice, and assessment & feedback grounded in targeted instructional leadership competencies. This approach cultivates skills and capacity in the instructional coach to develop teachers quickly.

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    NOTE: This program is a year-long commitment that offers training and support. A hybrid learning model ensures participants' success in their respective fields.

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  • CES works directly with school districts to support educators in Harris County.

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  • Provide professional development, coaching, and certification for teachers pursuing the roles of principal, AP, instructional coach, or mentor

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