Objectives and Programs for Teachers

  • The Center for Educator Success is designed to transform educator talent pipelines by partnering with districts to reimagine a comprehensive approach to educator recruitment, preparation, retention, and development. 

New Teacher Institute

  • Teaching is more challenging than ever, and leaders are tasked with retaining high-quality teachers. We aim to help new teachers harness their time, energy, and excitement by ensuring they remain happy, thriving, and effective returning teachers. Research and experience have proven that one-size-fits-all approaches to supporting new teachers do not work.

    In collaboration with district partners, the New Teacher Institute offers training with follow-up support in the field to equip new teachers with the tools, skills, and resources to be effective teachers. The program builds teachers’ skills and capacity to build powerful relationships, create a culture of achievement, and deliver high-quality instruction.

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Teacher Certification

  • Our Teacher Certification Program trains, coaches, and mentors professionals as they journey toward becoming certified teachers throughout 16 to 21 months. In our program, candidates receive intensive experience in culture, instruction, planning, and professionalism. Support for content knowledge comes through tutorial modules that candidates can pursue at their own pace.

    We offer a hybrid educational experience with virtual and in-person coursework and personal coaching, supervision, and observation in the field. Candidates are placed with local school districts for their paid internship year and continue to receive support from the program through certification.

    Upon completion of our program, candidates will not only receive a recommendation for their Standard Texas Educator Certificate, but they will also have a keen understanding and awareness of self and student identities. Using this knowledge, they can immediately build authentic relationships in their new classroom to establish critical norms, routines, and practices that lead to student success.

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How We Help

  • CES works directly with school districts to support educators in Harris County.

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