• HCDE believes our employees are critical partners in helping students achieve. Our Human Resources team actively seeks candidates with a passion for education and service—in addition to those with a proven track record at performing well at their jobs. All HCDE employees are proud that their work helps Harris County students learn and grow. 

    The 2023-2024 Human Resources Board Presentation is now available to download (PDF).


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  • HCDE has been voted one of Houston's top places to work for three years in a row!
    HCDE has been voted one of Houston's top workplaces for three years in a row!

    Harris County Department of Education is a full-service provider of educational resources. Our primary clients include school districts, citizens, municipalities, and non-profit entities across and beyond Harris County. We employ administrators, teachers, substitute teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, custodial employees, and others. Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year.

    HCDE believes that providing quality health benefits is important for recruiting and maintaining the best employees. HCDE strives to maintain competitive and cost-effective benefits with insurance options to best meet individual and family needs.

    Other than making a difference in the life of a learner, here are a few more reasons to join Harris County’s very first school district: 
    • Enjoy flexible hours and an academic calendar that includes both spring and winter breaks
    • Increase your retirement wealth by participating in both the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and Social Security 
    • Join a respected, 120-year-old educational institution 
    • Unite with over 1,000 other employees who love their jobs 
    • Enjoy a family-friendly work schedule with major holidays and vacation leave 
    • Benefit from ongoing professional development and the possibility of continual career advancement 
    • Receive a competitive salary and benefits 
    • We need you!

    It is our Board Policy for all new hires to undergo a background and fingerprint check prior to the start of a job. For certain positions, an official transcript from school or university is also required.

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    HCDE is an equal-opportunity employer.


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