Our Mission

  • Harris County Department of Education supports Harris County by enriching educational opportunities and providing value through services.

Our Goals

  • HCDE will:

      • Impact education by responding to the evolving needs of Harris County;
      • Deliver value to Harris County by utilizing resources in an ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible manner;
      • Advocate for all learners by using innovative methods to maximize students’ potential;
      • Provide cost-savings for school districts by leveraging tax dollars; and
      • Recruit and maintain a high-quality professional staff

Who We Are

  • The Harris County Department of Education is a public entity dedicated to helping meet the needs of uniquely challenged learners and school staff in the state’s largest county through innovative programming and support services. HCDE directly serves approximately 30,000 students with four alternative campuses, therapy services provided in local schools, 21 Head Start centers for early childhood education, after-school programming in dozens of community and school settings and the oldest adult education program in Texas.  

    HCDE also supports educators and school staff with professional development opportunities in diverse instructional areas ranging from core content to special populations and educational technology, as well as offers programs supporting school safety and alternative certification. The department provides valuable operational support to districts and public agencies in Harris County in the form of an advanced records management system, facilities planning and purchasing power through the Choice Partners program.

    These services are supported by a property tax that is less than ½ cent (about $9 annually for the average Harris County homeowner) as well as a revenue-generating model for some divisions. With this funding, HCDE provides savings to Harris County’s 25 school districts, allowing districts to keep money in the classroom and preserve their own tax rates. HCDE has lowered its tax rate for the last seven years, consistently staying below the effective tax rate, providing exceptional value to Harris County taxpayers.

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Facts and Figures

  • 4,599 students served by Adult Education
  • 17,690 students served by CASE for Kids
  • 1,362 students served by Head Start
  • 891 students served by Special Schools
  • 7,417 students served by Therapy Services
  • 216,671 students served by
    Center for Safe and Secure Schools
  • $55 million dollars in support for districts by Choice Partners
  • $3 million dollars in support for districts by Records Management
  • 8,218 students served by Center for Educator Success
  • Facts and figures are from the 2022–2023 school year and are compiled annually.