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    Since 1999, the Center for Grants Development (CGD) division has worked closely with Harris County Department of Education’s (HCDE) divisions and the Education Foundation of Harris County (EFHC) to acquire funding to support the enhancement and expansion of their events, projects, and programs.

    The purpose of CGD is to capture public and private resources through collaboration with HCDE divisions, EFHC, schools, school districts, and nonprofit/community organizations to create, support, and/or expand programs that enhance all learners’ lives.

What We Do

  • CGD works with HCDE divisions and EFHC to initiate development strategies that bring together key stakeholders in the community, as partners, to generate public and private resources to support various events, projects, and programs. This is accomplished through the following targeted services:

    • Funding Research: Announcement/dissemination of funding and other opportunities information.
    • Grants Acquisition: Creation of requests with HCDE divisions/EFHC that meet the intent/purpose of funding that is directly aligned with HCDE/EFHC’s mission, goals, and structure; and that are implementable once funded. 
    • Bid Proposal Development: Work with HCDE divisions to prepare the documents necessary to complete and submit bid proposals to districts.
    • Donation/Volunteer Acquisition and Acknowledgement: Identification and facilitation of in-kind resources including donations, event sponsorships, volunteers, and venues.   
    • Community Connections: Introduces and facilitates connections between representatives from HCDE and community leaders to inform others as to HCDE services and leverage resources. 
    • Program Design Development: Conduct literature review and create bibliography; collect primary and secondary data/statistics from research sources and partner districts to provide background to create program design; facilitate and participate in logic model (theory of change) planning, and assist staff in articulating the implementation of their programs.  
    • Grant Compliance and Management Training and Support: Train and support staff in the implementation of a grant award including conducting a post-award grant meeting.

    CGD offers grant assistance services to Harris County school districts and charters: 

    • Grant-related training
    • Proposal review and feedback

    Need a consultant or more information on grant writing? Visit Grants Professionals Association.

Institutional Review Board

  • What is an Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

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