Digital Learning

  • Educators and students who embrace learning enhanced by computer technology find a wealth of knowledge and support at HCDE. Our experts in learning software work to support classrooms up in the digital age, ensuring that students learn more sophisticated content with greater levels of flexibility, mobility and engagement.

    On this page you'll find a topic and class list for digital learning courses, course registration links,
    and contact information for additional questions or issues.

    HCDE offers a learning management system and professional development services. Our digital education and innovation specialists work hand-in-hand with key decision makers in school districts and organizations to put together fully customized solutions to help students in and out of the classroom.

    Our Teaching and Learning Center provides full-scale learning management system hosting solutions for school districts, cutting-edge professional development; and presentations on modern educational technology topics for administrators, teachers, parents and students.

What Can We Do For You?

Virtual Learning Instructor's Certification with Rolling Enrollment

  • Fully Online, Self Paced, Experienced Instructors

    Image of the Virtual Learning Instructor's Certification flyer.

    How Does This Work? In Module One, participants discover strategies and best practices to promote student achievement. In Module Two, attendees research and apply best strategies for student collaboration and learn engagement. Participants complete Modules Three and Four to learn about teaching in an online classroom. In Module Three, attendees learn best verbal and written communication strategies and techniques to promote student achievement in an online classroom. In Module Four, participants practice leadership and collaborative activities as they learn strategies and best practices in online learning. Participants complete Modules Five and Six to learn about teaching in an online classroom. In Module Five, attendees learn strategies and techniques to teach collaboratively and study the Americans with Disabilities Act, copyright law and fair use requirements.

    Additional details can be found on our downloadable flyer.