Looking and Moving Forward

Posted by Dr. Lisa Caruthers on 12/31/2020

This time of year has a way of encouraging reflection. Looking back over the past twelve months, it’s disorienting to think about how much has happened. I and many others have been met with the odd feeling of time moving slowly, speeding up and stalling all at once. For this and so many other reasons, the year 2020 has become synonymous with a lot. These days, saying ‘2020’ is both an explanation and description of situations ranging from slightly humorous to almost unbelievable. It means something different to everyone, much like the actual year we have just experienced.

In looking forward to the upcoming year, I want to acknowledge how much we’ve overcome to get to this point. Some have expressed the urge to “get it over with” as soon as possible and rush into 2021, eager for a fresh start. Of course, we should look forward to next year, but it is also important to take some time to sit with our experiences. It can be difficult to see it, because life has hit people in so many unexpected ways. At points, it was downright hard. Despite that, there is still much to celebrate. We are resilient, we are here, and I am so proud of us all.