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National STEM Day: November 8th

Turn a one-day holiday into a month-long celebration of all things STEM! The actual unofficial holiday is on November 8th and celebrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education throughout the United States. The following resources can guide your program throughout the month.



  • The Exploratorium is a public learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art, and human perception.  The museum, located in San Francisco, has a mission to create inquiry-based experiences that transform learning worldwide. Add easy hands-on science activities to your OST program with science snacks, guaranteed to keep you going but not fill you up.  You can also explore the science behind cooking, or use activities from the digital library to add STEM fun to your program. 


  • NASA offers resources such as posters, lesson plans and activities  for informal educators and K-12 educators (sorted by grade level) to get students excited about space science and increase STEM engagement. 


External Contests to Support STEM


  • NASA Langley Student Art Contest-The power of imagination is only as good as putting those hopes and dreams onto paper. NASA’s missions and achievements share a common start on the proverbial drawing board and come to life in many ways to benefit all of humankind.  .NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia is inviting students in grades K-12 to creatively visualize NASA’s science, technology, aeronautical and human exploration activities in the 2023 NASA Langley Art Contest, using the theme “What’s Next?” The contest is open to all children grades K-12 attending public, private, parochial and homeschools who are residents of the United States. The Art Contest submission is open to students K-12 and entry period begins Dec. 1, 2022 and concludes on Dec. 31, 2022 at midnight EST. Click here to see the rules and view past winners here.

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