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Unity Day: October 19, 2022 - Wear and Share Orange

Unity Day, the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month has been recognized in the United States since 2011. To participate in Unity Day, individuals, schools, communities, and businesses wear or share orange to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to prevent students being bullied.   The goal is to color the nation and the world to show that no child should be bullied and that every student deserves to be safe in school, online and in the community.


Elementary Students- High School:

View the Unity Day guide and get ideas for art projects, community projects, discussions and more:

View the Virtual Unity Day guide:

Create bookmarks, cranes and other artwork to share at your program:


External Celebration or Contest Link:

Connect with other schools/OST program around the world by participating in the Peace Crane Project to show that your program believes in peace and conflict resolution not bullying: