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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month celebrates the contributions Asian/Pacific

Americans have made to American history, society, and culture.

  • Elementary students can experience the book, Lotus and Feather read by actress Michelle Yeoh at Storyline Online .  Inspired by the true story of a crane that rescued a Chinese village, and graced with sensitive watercolor illustrations, this lovely book about respecting nature offers deep emotion and delightful surprises.  Teacher’s guide is available.
  • Learn about 20 Asian American and Pacific Islander women who have made vast contributions to our society through their leadership, innovation and creativity,
  • Celebrate the history and culture of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders with book lists for elementary through high school.
  • Learn more about a virtual celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage month by visiting the Missouri State Museum website
  • Take a virtual gallery tour of the Asian Art Museum and view activities at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art
  • Check out the National Park Service’s AAPI Heritage website, which makes it easy for you and your students to virtually explore parks, memorials, and historic sites around the country and U.S. territories that honor extraordinary Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.