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Jan. 29 is National Puzzle Day

Celebrated every year on January 29, the holiday honors puzzles of all stripes - jigsaws, riddles, science, math, mechanical, and word puzzles, and of course, real life puzzles. Use #NationalPuzzleDay on social media and join in the fun!



  • Have a puzzle party in your program. Students can use jigsaw cookie cutters (available at Walmart and other locations) and decorate cookies to eat while they compete. Escape room puzzles can be fun too.
  • Create your own puzzles, such as word search, cryptogram and hidden message puzzles using templates from
  • Borrow Rubik’s Cubes along with lesson plans or tangrams from CASE for Kids’ SMART Zone!  Schedule an appointment to borrow them at
  • Looking for new puzzles to create!  Check out 15 different types to create for free!