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Dec. 27 is Cut-Out Snowflakes Day! Fold that paper and use those scissors

Dec. 27 is Cut-Out Snowflakes Day! 

Winter is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate the cold than with cut-out snowflakes.

  1. Try your own design by folding and scissoring the paper, or try these fun intstructions.
         - YouTube video instructions

         - First Palette (better for younger kids)
         - Martha Stewart (has printable templates)
  2. Host a competition and have the kids decide who has the best snowflake, the silliest snowflake, and the most symetrical snowflake.
  3. Go to Social Media and use the #MakeCutOutSnowflakesDay with pictures of the kids with their art.

From the Helen Hiebert Studio, print and cut snowflakes from the template below.

Image of a snowflake pattern; links to larger image to print.

Visit National Cut-Out Snowflake Day for more information about the history and activities.