Why I Love Being A School-Based Therapist

  • Why I Love Being A School-Based Therapist

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  • From our HCDE therapists:

    It is very rewarding to help children with special needs succeed in the school setting.   
    — KY, Katy ISD 

    I love collaborating with teachers, parents, and the special ed team to help the students excel in their education.
    — SO, CyFair ISD

    I love working with children and helping them reach their full potential. 
    — TG, Spring ISD

    It offers a great family / life balance.  
    — JL, Spring Branch ISD

    It is so exciting to see the student’s faces light up when they do something independently.   
    — BP, Houston ISD

    Every day brings a new challenge, a new example of resilience and determination in students, and a new example of a caring and dedicated educational team.  
    — RA, Houston ISD

    I have the pleasure of making a tangible difference in the lives of children, teachers, and parents. I enjoy using creativity to offer workable solutions to help my kids access their educational environment.
    CB, Katy ISD


    From therapists outside HCDE:

    I love it ...when there is that collaborative SpecEd and GenEd team focus for an IEP that truly supports the student in the least restrictive environment and the student excels beyond expectations! That makes running all over the school to network, sending emails, missing lunch and researching the latest assistive devices for self-care independence all worth it!      
    — An OT, Austin ISD

    I love the fact that I can engage with children, their families, their teachers, and their support staff in the rich context of their daily lives here at school! We're engaging in "occupation" in REAL TIME!!!     
    — Kellie Martini, Dripping Springs ISD