• How can I get therapy services for my school-aged child?

  • Who might need school-based therapy services?

  • How are decisions made about school-based therapy services?

  • Where and when are therapy services provided?

Success Stories

  • HCDE occupational therapist in Cy-Fair ISD
    Jose is a young student with difficulty learning. He could focus on school tasks only about 30-45 seconds due to his autism. Jose’s occupational therapist showed Jose’s teacher how to add physical movement into his learning activities. For example, when Jose was sorting by color, red items were placed on the teacher’s desk and blue objects were placed in a basket on the opposite side of the classroom. This change allowed Jose to stay on task close to 20 minutes! Occupational therapists often problem-solve with teaching staff on ways to get and keep students engaged in learning. This HCDE School-Based Therapy Services occupational therapist identified a barrier to Jose’s learning and collaborated with his teacher to redesign the task so Jose could be successful!

    HCDE physical therapist in Houston ISD
    Shelly has physical disabilities that prevented her from sitting with her peers in her classroom. Shelly’s physical therapist helped Shelly teach those adults around her to safely transfer her into a classroom chair so she could sit with her classmates. HCDE School-Based Therapy Services physical therapists make sure students who are unable to walk have safe and appropriate mobility options at school to increase their participation. They also help students advocate for themselves, helping them become more independent!

    HCDE music therapist in Cy-Fair ISD
    Marcus is a middle school student with language difficulties. Under the guidance of a HCDE School-Based Therapy Services music therapist, a music therapy intern demonstrated using specially selected songs as prompts to help him improve his use of language. Music therapists routinely use and provide a variety of musical strategies designed to effectively gain students’ interest in learning and facilitate the development and use of critical new skills.

    HCDE occupational therapist in Houston ISD
    Students in Ms. Johnson’s middle school LIFE skills classroom were having difficulty using scissors effectively to cut out shapes. The HCDE School-Based Therapy Services occupational therapist identified a need for practicing this skill and demonstrated how cutting out coupons for an upcoming fieldtrip made cutting very motivating to the students. Occupational therapists know that making activities meaningful for students raises their interest level and cooperation, resulting in more effective learning!

    HCDE physical therapist in Tomball ISD
    When Charles, a student with mobility issues, started high school, his physical therapist taught him to use a school map to locate his classrooms, the cafeteria and gym and helped him practice safely navigating these routes. HCDE School-Based Therapy Services physical therapists help students become more mobile and independent while ensuring their safety.