Are there other public recovery schools throughout the nation?

Posted by: HCDE Staff

40 recovery schools in the U.S. spread across 15 states (8 are in Texas; 2 are in the greater Houston area); most are private.
2 are operated under ISDs: McKinney ISD (Serenity High School) and Laredo ISD (Jose A. Valdez High School)
All recovery schools in Texas use a combination of private and public funds.
The recovery school in Texas most similar to HCDE’s proposed school is the Serenity High School in McKinney ISD, which partners with other ISDs in the area to provide a recovery environment for students.
HCDE’s recovery school will be the first of its kind serving students in the Houston area and the third public recovery school in Texas, after Serenity and Valdez high schools.

HCDE Staff