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August is Happiness Happens Month

Pamela Gail Johnson founded the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999, with the first day of “Admit You’re Happy Day” on August 8th of 1999. Members felt that the happiness should last a bit longer, so in 2000, they expanded the celebration to include the entire month of August.


Happiness Happens is a celebration and encouragement for people to take a look at their lives and try to share the little things that make them happy each day with others.


Ways to celebrate:

  1. Create a happiness collage individually or create a large collaborative collage. Have students put their names by their image of what makes them happy.
  2. Sing or listen to the music that makes you happy. Students can help you create a play list of their favorites.
  3. Throw a happy party where students help you create decorations and play games.
  4. Go outside and have students share their happy dance moves!
  5. Set up a gratitude jar in your classroom and have students contribute to it daily.