Let HCDE be your outside evaluator 

The Research and Evaluation Institute will collaborate with you in the design and implementation of your evaluation or research project. We provide individualized and/or customized classes for your organization upon request.

  • Studies to measure the perceptions of students, parents and teachers
  • Needs assessment to identify potential service gaps
  • Outcome studies to establish the degree to which an intervention is effective

You may need a total package, or you may want us to do specialized parts of a project. We will customize to fit your needs.

  • Experimental designs
  • Web based surveys
  • Scannable paper surveys
  • Focus groups

Need Human Subjects Reviews?

Federal grants require Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews. The Research and Evaluation Institute coordinates the HCDE IRB for the Protection of Human Subjects. Call the R&E director to learn how your district can use HCDE for your IRB needs.

*HCDE's IRB is registered with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)

For information, call HCDE's Research and Evaluation Institute at 713-696-8291 or 713-696-1859.