Online Storage

Customizable online records storage


Serving school districts, counties, municipalities and other government entities

Two methods to manage online storage

  1. HCDE Records Management handles it for you, looking up records you need, redacting as directed, sending to you or
  2. You manage your files, looking up records, redacting and sending as needed

Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval Services

HCDE uses highly advanced document management software.

Your documents will be uploaded to our secure servers where our highly trained staff will begin your project management

Setup includes verification and communication between our project experts at HCDE Records Management and the end user. We create batch data groups and indexing fields to fit your needs while providing sheet by sheet quality control.

Other functions of our software include the ability to email, import or export documents. You may assign specific user access to certain records, and the system allows you to make notations on the files for later reference.

We can also convert and import images from most out-of-date CDs. Furthermore, we can prepare your documents, insert bar coded break sheets and are available to come to your location and help box up materials if needed.