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Below is a listing of forms required by HCDE Records Management along with a link to a downloadable PDF of the document.

Authorization List
Provides the client total control of access to the records stored at HCDE. Only authorized personnel approved by you, the client, will be allowed access to your records.
Download the PDF file

Records Center Transfer Form
To be used whenever records are requested to be moved to or from the Records Center.
Download the PDF file

Records Destruction Certificate
The Records Destruction Certificate is your legal proof that records were disposed of properly. When official records are disposed of, the transaction should always be supported by a Records Destruction Certificate.
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HCDE Client Order Form
The top portion of this form is to provide contact information for personnel requesting information and where the information is to be picked up/delivered. The middle section defines what service(s) the client is requesting. This section also allows for special instructions to be highlighted; ex. Go to temporary building in back; we close at noon on Fridays; alternate contact names and phone numbers, etc.
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Box Label Instructions
The following document instructs you how to label and apply a barcode to a box.
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