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About Harris County Department of Education
About Harris County Department of Education (HCDE):
Serving students, teachers, schools and communities throughout Harris County, HCDE is a local governmental organization providing value for school districts while supporting educational opportunity. Partnering with Harris County school districts, HCDE maximizes local resources and respond to the needs of locally elected school boards and education leaders. HCDE services include school-based therapy for students, afterschool programs, Head Start, educator training, adult education and programs to promote safe schools. To learn more about how your county department of education can help you:
Superintendent of Harris County Department of Education Assistant Superintendent of Education & Enrichment Senior Director of the Teaching & Learning Center Teaching & Learning Center Director
Curriculum Director of Science Curriculum Director of Math
Curriculum Director ELA & Social Studies Curriculum Director of Special Populations Digital Education and Innovation
Digital Education and Innovation TLC Financial Assistant
James Colbert, Jr. Kimberly McLeod, Ed.D. Frances Watson-Hester Andrea Segraves
Lisa Felske
Nicole Shanahan
Kelly Tumy
Darlene Breaux
David McGeary
Lynnice Hockaday Azelia O’Neal
713.696.1715 713.696.8200 713.696.1312 713-696.1318 713.696.1307 713.696.1317 713.696.1310 713.696.1304 713.696.1343 713.696.1884 713.696.1315

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