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Digital Learning 11
Online Instructor’s Training - Part II
NETS 1a - Promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking
NETS 1b - Engage students in exploring realworld issues and solving authentic problems
NETS 1c - Promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify conceptual understanding NETS 1d - Model collaborative knowledge construction
This is a six-week, state-mandated training series involving immersion in an online learning environment. Participants experience and engage in best practices for online teaching and virtual learning facilitation. At the completion of this three-course series, participants will meet the qualification requirements to teach courses through the Texas Virtual School Network. This is a fully online and paced course.
The various skills and strategies featured in this series of courses can be used to strengthen online or blended learning outcomes for the teaching and learning process.
This course is part two of the three-course series.
Self-Paced (10 Days)
K-12 Online Teachers; TxVSN Provider Teachers
Completely Online (Moodle LMS)
Lynnice Hockaday and David McGeary
Moodle User Webinar Series
NETS 5a - Participate in global learning communities NETS 5b - Demonstrate
a vision for technology infusion
NETS 5c - Reflect on current research to make effective use of digital tools
NETS 5d - contribute to the effectiveness of teaching
After completing this 30 minute complimentary webinar (with follow-up discussion), participants will be armed with specific strategies that will help them to make better use of their online gradebook while also providing a better method for using rubrics to grade all activity types.
Grades K-12 Moodle Users, Teachers and System Administrators
Online (BBC)
Lynnice Hockaday and David McGeary

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